Wet River Meet

Held in the town of Umber on the banks of the Wet River, this meet is the biggest in the region. Commercial travelers bring winter-made handicrafts and spring crops for distribution along the river and into the surrounding Dust Lands. At the same time, laborers from tiny villages and settlements come in seeking positions in the farms and workshops of the river valley. The influx of unattached men has also made the Wet River Meet a prime recruiting event for the mercenary companies endemic to the region.

As the largest regular gathering in the region, lots of business gets done here - commercial, martial, political, matrimonial. Notables from all across the region make their way to Umber for the period of the Meet to shop, visit, trade stock and greet their neighbors under the recognized truce that covers not only the week of the Meet itself but the two weeks immediately preceeding and following the event. The town of Umber swells to many times its regular population, and the encampments stretch for kilometers along the river, with scores of town marshals deputized just for the Meet patrolling to keep the peace.

The Dust Lords come to confer, connive and rattle sabers at one another, as well as seek brides for their off-spring. Secret societies meet in out-of-the-way corners, merchants haggle over goods, nomad tribesmen who have never seen an unrelated face walk around gawking, strange sports and pitiful mutants beg or perform for bits, and everything you could ever want is available - for a price.

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