Wet River Fields

One of the largest of the Dust Field Polities, the Wet River Fields stretch for several days up and down the river of the same name, notable in the Dust Lands for its year-round flow. A dozen settlements of various sizes exist under the rule of the Council at Emmas, and several nomad bands whose ranges stretch near or through the Fields have tributary relationships with this polity.

Marshall Tyr Cobblin is effectively the ruler of the Fields; he's "first among equals" on the Emmas Council and the lesser marshals who extend the Council's reach to the farthest borders of the polity are personally deputized by him. The Wet River marshals can field fast-moving, well-armed posses on very short notice, and their runners and circuit-riders keep the towns of the Fields in constant communication.

The town of Umber, on the far western edge of the Fields, is the site of the Wet River Meet each spring. Despite its name, the Meet isn't actually within the boundaries of the Fields, but the politiy exercises a certain amount of control over the event nonetheless.


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