Temple Of Radiance

A religious secret society that worships radiation. Relic sites left from Kingdom Come are the focus of their faith, which most people view as an unhealthy cult fetishizing the deaths of billions. Radiants, on the other hand, see radiation as "God's hand in the world", and claim to be forward-looking rather than regressive. They see the (poorly understood) fact that the Ancients used radiation as a therapeutic tool as support of their views.

The Prometheus Virus and its change plague descendants have an odd relationship with radiation - while many credit the bombs and great weapons used in the cataclysm of Kingdom Come with stopping the spread of the alpha-strain Prometheus, radiation exposure can activate latent change plagues and also accellerate their effects. Communities near radioactive sites have a greater than normal incidence of Weird Talents, as well as a much lower rate of successful births.

Prometheans are fellow-travelers of the Temple of Radiance, though they see Prometheus as the ultimate power of the world's destiny, rather than just God's tool for steering that destiny. The distinctions are practically invisible to outside observers, but the theological debate can sometimes erupt into actual violence.

Adventure Hooks

  • Radiants have purchased a "holy relic" sight unseen from a group of Pickers, and seek the characters' help in transporting the relic to their shrine. Several problems can crop up: Is the thing what the pickers claim it is, or is this an attempt to defraud an outsider cult? The irradiated object is large and cumbersome to move, and to break it up for easier transport would violate its supposed sanctity. Who would want to steal a potentially lethal object? Perhaps another sept of Radiants, or Prometheans, or… anybody who thinks it's actually valuable. In the end, the folk of the community where the Radiants are making their shrine turn out in force to prevent the "contamination" of their homes, with a pogrom a distinct possibility if things get out of hand.
  • Radiant preacher is making a stir in a distant community with claims of miraculous cures effected by the power of "God's Radiance". A dying man wants the characters to take him to there, in hopes that the healer can do something for him. Who would benefit from his passing, and who would labor to keep him alive?
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