A small community in the Wet River Fields, the inhabitants of Stark scratch a living picking salvage in the hills on the western edge of the Wet River valley. The land around there is barely watered, and the dust storms that sweep off the Great Gray during the season often bury the town in drifts a half-meter tall.

The relic site at Stark is rich in easily-worked alloys, and the town has a reputation for producing excellent weapons. Spear-points, knives and even swords come down out of the hills and wind up in the hands of users across the Shattered Earth. Most of the town's trading happens at the Wet River Meet each year, or through factors who live in the more frequently-visited towns of the region. The folk of Stark dislike visitors except by pre-arrangement, and prefer to keep the working of their valuable salvage operation to themselves. Nobody cares to dispute the point with them, since the community is very well-armed.

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