A being exhibiting traits not normally seen in other members of their species; IE one who is markedly different from its parents. Sports are mutants, warped and changed by the effects of the Prometheus Virus, and the modifications can range from the subtle to the gross.

Giantism and dwarfism, changes in skin covering (skin, scales, hide, plates, feathers, etc), elongation, modification or asymmetry of the limbs and features, and radical changes in pigmentation make up the great majority of sportisms. Less obvious changes can include radical adjustment of the senses, the internal organs and the sport's muscular system. The least apparent mutations are those that affect the brain. "Brain sports" can be rendered imbecilic or far smarter than normal, with freakish aptitudes and perfect memory common at either end of the spectrum. Some brain sports also exhibit Weird Talents like telekenisis, fire-starting, and the ability to hear or influence other people's thoughts.


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