A member of a secret society that preaches the doctrine of Simplicity. The root of Simplicity is the rejection of technology - eschewing such “domination over the Earth and the elements” as sinful pride and abuse of the planet. In the eyes of Simple preachers, the Ancients defiled the world with their pride and their lust for the powers the Almighty reserved for Himself, after which He introduced the Prometheus Virus as a scourge to harrow them and humble them.

In its most benign form, Simplicity takes the form of living within one’s means in harmony with nature. In its more virulent forms, the philosophy urges the destruction of machines, with a strong strain of revolutionary violence inherent in the preaching. This desire to return to the Simple life can also turn against other non-technological "unnatural advantages", like Weird Talents and other high-level mutations.

Simpletons will destroy resurgent tech and relic devices whenever they can, and some see any source of power beyond muscle-power as dangerously proud.

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