Prometheus Virus

The Prometheus Virus was created in the Before Time as a tool for transferring genetic information from one organism to another, originally for therapeutic purposes. It was also able to carry building instructions between quasi-organic computing systems for use as a programming and engineering tool. Whether it spontaneously mutated or was deliberately weaponized, its release caused social chaos and a global pandemic.

The alpha-strain of Prometheus swapped code indiscriminately between machine and organic systems, overwriting the existing genetic data in favor of the new matrix, killing people and plants and vital machine systems across the world. Some of the titanic weapons unleashed in the final spasms of Kingdom Come may have been intended to eradicate Prometheus. If so, they failed. However, in the period after Kingdom Come, Prometheus retreated from sight. The modern change plagues are far slower, less virulent strains of Prometheus, usually offering amendments rather than full rewrites of an organism’s genetic code. The virus may still exist in some reservoir in its original form, and if that source is ever unlocked, it could mean the end of life on the Shattered Earth.

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