Olegay Melt

A site in the Dune Sea region, where the titanic weapons employed during the final spasms of Kingdom Come scored the surface of the earth, creating canyons and vast lava-fields. Scattered among the swaths of ancient devastation are sections of urbs, mostly still seething with weird and ancient radiations. Pickers work the outer edges of the Melt but the center is all but inaccessible due to radiation, lava tubules and sudden storms that kick up toxic dust from the ruins. It's said, however, that if any man could find a way into the center of the Melt, the treasure of the Ancients would be there for the taking.

The full extent of the Melt has never been plotted, stretching as it does through the broken badlands of the Dune Sea, but it's clearly hundreds of kilometers long and scores across. Away to the south and east, the irregular rains that fall over the area drain off the Melt into the aptly-named Deadpool. To the north of the Melt stretch the jagged hills of the Fracture Zone.

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