Technically, a Mixer is any being advocating the blending of the various races of the Shattered Earth. The term's a catch-all for a broad range of philosophies and urges, and it can be a mortal insult in many enclaves.

Some Mixers are seeking "the Ultimate", a super-mutant combining all the crazed genetic modifications apparent in the Shattered Earth into a unified and presumably transcendant being. Some want to become the Ultimate themselves by acquiring as many mutations as they can, usually through repeated exposure to various strains of change plague. These madmen, called Prometheans, are rare because the plagues cause death more often than mutation, and they're viewed as dangerous carriers in most places, which can also shorten their lifespans.

Other Mixers seek mates outside their group or their species because they're otherwise infertile. Truly unique sports, being essentially a "race of one", are by definition Mixers.

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