A law-enforcement officer. In the Dust Lands, each community usually has a marshall whose job it is to keep the watch and look out for danger, and quiet disputes between members of the community. He's rarely responsible for adjudicating those disputes, but in most places, "marshall's justice" handles low-key problems to avoid bringing them before more official judges. Depending on the community, "marshall's justice" can range from a stern talking-to or a beating all the way up to summary execution. It generally goes harder on strangers and the low-down, so it pays to know the town before you head in to stir up trouble.

In many places, only the local marshall and his authorized deputies are allowed to carry weapons. In times of emergency, marshalls can raise a body of armed inhabitants - a posse - to enforce the law.

The universal sign of a marshall is a badge in the form of a star or a shield, worn on the breast.

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