Iron Brotherhood

A technocratic faction, dedicated to a return to the Before Time by means of revived technology. The Brotherhood may once have been a benevolent movement, but its current form is a brutally efficient quasi-fascist state. Only a small percentage of residents in their territory are “Brothers” – the rest are “associated” with a Brother, meaning they’re that person’s bondsmen. Brothers are responsible for their Associates, and exercise the power of life and death over them. While Associates have certain rights under this system, they’re few compared to those the Brothers have over them. The various “lodges” and “circles” of the Brotherhood are overwhelmingly human – the Brotherhood as a whole supports the philosophy of the Dominion of Man as a reflection of the Before Time. Human changelings are more or less welcome within the ranks, but animal changelings are only permitted associate status. Ordinary associates are kept ignorant and over-worked, while certain favored trustees can earn the status of “prime associates”. These underlings are treated far better and even bear arms in the service of the Brotherhood, albeit under close supervision.

The Brotherhood has built cities in the ruins of some Ancient urbs, where they mine for resources and hunt for relic items. Brotherhood territories are unfriendly to travelers – the “Unassociated” are considered trouble and danger, spreading diseases of the body and the mind. While the cities hold trading days periodically, customers and traders are strictly segregated from the general mass of Associates. This segregation have gotten more difficult to enforce as the people of the Brotherhood territories have developed a taste for meat raised on the Dust Lands - the beeve drives that wind up in the Brotherhood towns on the edge of the plains are generating money, opportunity, and friction between the masters of the Brotherhood and the Dust Lords.

The overlord of the Brotherhood holds the title of “Director”, sometimes called “Big Brother” informally. His personal bodyguard is the eerie Nightfall Guard, who employ relic weapons when available, and the latest technology otherwise. The power of the Director is greatly reinforced by the Brotherhood's secret police , operated by the Silence Lodge, a medicine society with frightening and uncanny powers. The mundane military forces the Director commands are also formidable, being numerous and very well armed with advanced gunpowder weapons.

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