When they're visible through the dust clouds, the skies above the Shattered Earth are filled with lights and wonders. Among these are:

  • Pole Star - the hub around which the bowl of the sky rotates, and the sign that points to "true north". Spotting the pole star is a common skill for navigating on the trackless plains of the Dust Lands.
  • The Travelers - the common sort of stars that hold fixed places in the bowl of the sky. The Travelers are beyond counting, though many folks can point out constellations, and some sages claim to know their number and their habits with great familiarity. Telling the hour and the calendar by the rising and setting of the constellations is a fairly common skill in these parts.
  • The Guardians - some stars are divorced from the bowl of the sky and remain fixed, hovering in the heavens over particular places on the earth below. These are known as the Guardians, and some sages say that they're actually cities in the sky, far larger than even the greatest of the Ancients' devastated urb complexes. If that's true, these sky-cities must be terribly far away, and the question of why they don't fall to earth is one the sages can't adequately explain. The star-cults like the Children of Exile believe that the Ancients still live in their cities in the sky, watching the inhabitants of the earth below and judging them.
  • The Wanderers - the final group of stars are those which dance among the Travelers, but to their own measures and times. There are hundreds of Wanderers visible in the night sky for those with exceptionally good vision, and their risings and settings occur on rapid and sometimes irregular cycles. A few star-gazing sages have undertaken to catalogue the Wanderers and divine their habits, but the task is slow-going and the results are often jealously guarded.
  • The Moons - the brightest and most obvious object in the night sky is the Moon and its family of lesser bodies, which most people call "her daughters". The Moon bears terrible scars, no doubt from the cataclysm of Kingdom Come, and some sages claim that her daughters, the dozen or more lesser bodies that dance about the sky with her, are fragments of the Moon broken loose during the final desperate days of the fall of the Ancients' civilization. Others claim that the Prometheus Virus affected the Moon and what we see today is a changeling and its breed of offspring.
  • shooting stars - occasionally, a sharp-eyed sky watcher can spot a star fall from the heavens in a flash of light and, rarely, a trail of dust and a terrible roar. Even more rarely, one may spot flashes of light like distant lightning in the night sky. Sages claim that the great war of Kingdom Come still rages in the heavens, and what they're seeing is the battle of one Wanderer against another.

The sages claim that the Ancients once lived in stars, though everybody knows that sages can have some pretty crazy ideas. On the other hand, the Ancients were capable of godlike feats, so maybe they did live in stars. We'll never know.

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