Ground Cleanser

This is an apocalyptic sect whose members believe that Kingdom Come was the will of the Creator, with the Prometheus Virus sent to cleanse the planet. The sect has split into several competing factions. The Revival Cleansers depict the Shattered Earth as a new Eden, where reborn life offers those now living a chance to better enact the will of the Creator, while the Final Cleansers believe that the failure of kingdom Come to erase all life from the planet was an error that should be corrected. In either case, the Ground Cleansers are anti-technology communalists who reject temporal authority and seek to bring down the legends of the Before Times. To Cleansers, the Ancients were wicked and had strayed from the will of the Creator, and deserved the scouring of Kingdom Come. Each sect views Prometheus as an agent of the Creator’s Will.

Cleanser congregations take differing views on changelings. Revivalists see them as “the new people”, and sometimes support the New Race movement, while Final Cleansers consider them signs of the Creator’s displeasure. All Cleansers are persecuted in the Iron Brotherhood territories.

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