Fracture Zone

The weapons the Ancients used during Kingdom Come to blast the area known as the Olegay Melt ruptured and buckled the earth for hundreds of kilometers and thrust up the swath of hills and canyons known as the Fracture Zone. Plates of rock hundreds of meters thick were thrown up on end and hang over great tears in the surface of the planet, making an area to the north of the Melt which is practically impassable even on foot. The Zone is a baked region haunted by dangerous beasts and Feral bands. Few who venture in ever come out and, despite rumors that relic sites and treasures of the Before Time lie deep in the Zone, there's nothing to draw men into the Fractures.

The Zone represents a tremendous obstacle to east-west travel from the Dust Lands to the great mountains beyond the plains. Occasional expeditions go into the Zone to search out a safe pass through the region, but none have been successful.

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