1. (Adj.) Wild, never domesticated.
  2. (Group) Dangerous wandering tribesmen common in the Dune Sea and the Fracture Zone beyond the Olegay Melt. Ferals are animalistic changelings that plague the few settlers who live near the edges of these badlands - they steal children, rustle or mutilate livestock, murder travelers and spoil watering holes for their own twisted reasons.

Feral bands are usually small - a dozen or so at most - and they live a miserable beast-like existence. Ferals aren't intelligent like real men, but they're dangerously cunning and the ability to see in the dark and track by smell are common among their numbers. Sometimes a Feral can be captured and semi-domesticated - they make good tracking beasts and are sometimes kept by the more depraved Dust Lords as fighting animals. Most people find Ferals so disturbing because they look almost like Pure Humans, but are clearly so much less than their ancestors.

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