The leading town of the Wet River Fields, Emmas has a population of about 3000 souls, counting (of course) only those with a voice and a mind. The town's rule extends over a broad hinterland of farms, populated by another 5000 folk or so, and it's also the seat of the Council that rules the Wet River Fields. As such, Emmas is the closest thing to a capitol city that exists in the central Dust Lands. Travelers on the great east-west route mostly come through here after crossing the Wet up at Coberville, and a fair amount of trade happens here year-round.

A bit more than half the people of Emmas are human or mostly human; the rest are animal breeds with just a few sports thrown in for variety. The Deputy Marshall of Emmas is a human sport named Deke Ajmar, a giant creature with the strength of a hoss.

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