Human tribes that range across the Dust Lands and the Dune Sea regions of the Shattered Earth. The Dustwalkers are Baseliners and practice customs intended to protect their genetic purity. Like many human purist groups, they're more friendly to animal changelings than to mutated humans.

The Dustwalkers are mostly hunters. The tribes on the Dust Lands ride hoss-back and hunt with spears and javelins, preying on the migrating herds that cross the plains with the seasons. Their cousins in the Dune Sea are poorer and travel afoot, hunting whatever prey those arid lands offer. Their primary weapon is the sling. The tribes acknowledge degrees of shared kinship, mostly tracked and enforced by the various branches of the Black Hat Lodge, though inter-tribal conflict over resources still happen. Hunting rights, rights of free travel over a tribe's traditional range, and bride-hunting by young braves are the most common causes of strife.

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