Dust Lords

The masters of the various communities across the Dust Lands are known collectively as the Dust Lords. The group ranges from despots like the Chief Rancher of Safehome and the dreaded bandit-lord Black Carlos, to enlightened leaders like the Speaker for the Albie Drift Grange or the Abbot of the St. Leng Community. Depending on who's using the term, it can mean simply "the Powers That Be", which can also cover the Dustwalker tribes who represent a major power in the region (or would if they ever worked as a whole) and the forces of the Iron Brotherhood, outside of but deeply involved in the affairs of the Great Grey.

Most of the Dust Lords operate on a very thin margin, like most others in the Shattered Earth. Only handsful of followers can be spared from the work of feeding the population to persue crafts or intensive military training, so the forces each leader can raise tend to be small. A dozen beings, well-armed and well-resolved, may be enough to tip the balance of power in some places - as has often happened in the past.

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