Dust Lands

One of many names for the great grey rolling plains of dust that cover the center of the continent.

The great plains that make up the central section of the continent are often called the Dust Lands or the Dust Fields. In this region, if the spring rains are delayed, the winds carry huge clouds of dust over the land, covering everything with gray and giving the region its unappealing name. The rains nail the soil in place for a season, allowing agriculture in places where catchments or deep springs provide water.

Only residents in the area see a distinction between the two terms: Dust Landers tend to be wanderers or nomads, while Dust Fielders are settled communities. 'Fielders see 'Landers as drifting trash whose herds wreck the precarious ecologies of their commons, threatening the settled folk with starvation. 'Landers view 'Fielders as beast-thieves and water-hoarders. The life of a farmer in the Dust Lands is hard, but the nomads who follow the herds have a life that can be harder. Scattered settlements form independent town-states collectively called the Dust Field Polities, a name which sometimes also includes the various nomad tribes who call the “Great Gray” their home.

Dust Field
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