Dust Field Polities

The scattered settlements that eke out a precarious living across the center of the continent are collectively known as the Dust Field Polities. Some sages include the pastoral nomads of the plains among the Polities, but the settlers and the nomads are generally at odds with one another. Each community scratches for survival, struggling against a harsh climate and hostile neighbors, and raids upon nearby towns are often sanctioned by the masters of these towns. Travelers crossing the Dust Lands are attractive targets for the bandits which are endemic to the area as well.

Most of the independent settlements along the Dust Fields are governed by a council of notables and elders, headed by a marshall who also acts as the chief enforcer. In some places, the council is a polite fiction and the marshal rules with an iron hand.

In a handful of places, lines of communication are good enough to permit larger polities to exist. The Wet River Fields hold nearly a dozen settlements under a single council lead by the dynamic Marshall Tyr Cobblin, who deputizes subordinate marshalls for each of the Fields' towns.

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