A town in the Wet River Fields, Coberville is the site of a permanent ferry crossing the Wet River. The town itself is only about 600 souls, with twice that number living in a thin halo of stations and farms stretching west of the river. The town also maintains a small, well-armed station by the ferry-dock on the east bank.

Although the Wet River Fields don't officially extend past the line of the Wet, the town Council of Coberville takes a keen interest in events in the badlands across the river. Dunbarr Cray, the town marshall, takes a posse of deputies on regular sweeps into the hinterlands, and sometimes even sends scouts as far as the Iron Brotherhood settlements a week's ride east of the Wet. These inhospitable hills are haunted by ferals and dangerous sports, and sometimes even troublemakers coming out of the Brotherhood.

Coberville is important because of the river crossing - this is the only stretch for hundreds of kilometers where the banks of the Wet are low enough to make a ferry a safe proposition. The east-west route through the Wet River Fields crosses the river here, making the town a stop-off for practically all the traffic from the Dust Lands to the Brotherhood and points east. The beeve drives that started up in the last decade or so come across the river here also - the river's wide but that slows the current down so a reasonably strong beeve can swim across if properly driven.

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