Children Of Exile

This cult believes that the people of the world are exiles from Heaven - that every soul living upon the Shattered Earth is guilty of some sin that has caused them to be born into this world of pain and misery. The lower and less fortunate one's earthly state, the more terrible the sin that soul carries and the longer one is destined to labor to atone. Atonement takes many forms - first, one must perform rituals of apology and appeasement to the Great Ones, who are represented by (or resident upon, or are) the Guardian stars. (See Heavens/The Guardians). Second, one must spread the truth of the Exile so even those who have not realized their fallen state can begin to atone. Third, one must offer moral guidance to one's less atoned brethren.

Exiles are uncomfortable neighbors to have. It's a basic tenent of their faith that everybody - every single solitary being on the Shattered Earth - is guilty of some terrible celestial sin. If you refuse to believe, you're in denial and cannot possibly atone for your sins - and your denial threatens the success of the cult's mission to redeem everyone. And since celestial sin is different from earthly sin, the cult is basically justified in any action they take to help you atone. People who are sick, poor, mutated and otherwise wretched are clearly greater celestial sinners than those more fortunate, who therefor have a special duty to lead them into atonement.

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