Change Plague

A descendant of the alpha-strain Prometheus Virus. Change Plagues transfer genetic information from one organism to another and may activate those instructions, forcing the victim’s body to attempt to remake itself according to the new genes, a process that's often fatal. Some strains can impart useful traits to survivors, leading certain medicine society members to cultivate these infections for reasons of their own.

Some strains of change plague are stable inside a reservoir organism, a carrier animal or plant that doesn't suffer the effects of the plague but can spread it by various means.

Many folk and beasts in the Shattered Earth carry latent strains of change plague. These can be activated by radiation exposure or a bout of plague from another source, or may lie dormant throughout the person's life. These minor strains tend to be mostly cosmetic in effect if active - patchy changes in skin texture or color, hair or other body coverings, an oddly-shaped tooth marring an otherwise normal set of dentition, tiny vestigial extra limbs or digits, etc.

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