A breed derived from the pre-Kingdom Come animal called a coyote (Canis Latrans). Cayutes are ubiquitous across the Shattered Earth, either as semi-nomadic scavengers or settled packs of hunters. Semi-upright or upright omnivores weighing 30-65kg, with short coats of fur, deft hands and keen senses of hearing and smell, cayutes socially are clannish, suspicious, quarrelsome and clever. They have a reputation for being lazy, too. Despite their small size, they’re fierce fighters and some polities pay cayute bands to serve as irregular soldiers – or to practice their banditry somewhere else. Most cayutes live on the fringes of settled society – they obey people, not laws, which makes them troublesome neighbors unless you’ve come to a clear understanding with them.

* Size: Small to Medium (25 to 65kg)
* Posture: Semi-upright or Upright
* Hands: Deft
* Voice: Useful (Stressy)
* Eyes: Dim Light + Normal
* Ears: Keen
* Nose: Sharp, up to Tracking
* Weapons: Small Claws, Medium Teeth
* Limbs: Cosmetic Tail

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