Brothers Of Saint Vergat

A religious order of wandering preachers, the Vergatians tell parables of their founder, a holy man from the Before Time who made it his life's work to improve the lot of all through fair division of their labors and the fruits thereof.

The brothers (a company which includes females as well) travel in pairs or small groups, preaching and begging for their keep. Their message is normally one of charity and service, though their insistence that material wealth is an impediment to spiritual growth makes many people uncomfortable. Occasionally, firebrand Vergatians challenge more settled (and more comfortable) religious leaders to embrace the lowly in their flock, or stir crowds of "have-nots" to demand better treatment and a greater share of community stores. The only thing that keeps the Powers That Be from turning against the Vergatians is the order's insistence on the principle of non-violence. Vergatians are pacifists and refuse to advocate or incite violence, preferring to use "lesser" tools like shame and moral suasion to achieve their aims.

Adventure Hooks

  • A wanderer who was nursed back to health by a pair of Brothers years ago has arrived in the area looking for them. He's seeking to repay his debt to these brothers personally, that being a prime motivator in his tribal ethos. Finding those particular Brothers may take time and some effort, and he's willing to pay for local assistance.
  • A local Dust Lord is feeling the pressure on his reputation from the preachings of a local firebrand Vergatian. He'd dearly love for something to simply happen to the fellow. "Who will rid me of this meddlesome preacher?" Of course, care must be taken that no one suspect he had anything to do with it, and no tie can exist to connect the Lord to the preacher's untimely fate.
  • Two Brothers have been circulating the district, collecting alms to be distributed to the poor. But those aren't real Vergatians - they're swindlers planning on taking off with the goods. Can you catch them? And if you do, how large a cut of the take will be required to buy your help and silence?
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