The practice of seeking breeding partners outside one's own group. Depending on the culture of the groups in question, the methods of persuading the prospective bride range from arranged meetings to covert seduction to ritualized conflict to outright war-raiding, kidnap and rape.

Purist groups rarely practice bride-hunting, except within the confines of their own rigidly defined species. On the other hand, the practice is practiced widely by Mixers, who often seek brides of different species to further their philosophy.

Adventure Hooks

  • A young wanderer staying as a guest has privately reached a mutually acceptable settlement with his host's daughter. To make a clean get-away, however, he'll need inside help. The characters could misdirect or otherwise sabotage the inevitable pursuit or, if they're less than honest to the lad, spill his escape plans to the angry father for a comfortable reward. It all depends on how they feel about commerce and True Love.
  • Among the Dustwalkers, most female youth are trained to hunt and fight along with their brothers, and must pass the same potentially-fatal initiation to achieve adult status and breeding rights. A group of young women have decided to go "bride-hunting" themselves, riding forth to connive or kidnap husbands. Perhaps a character catches the eye of one (or more) young Dust maidens. Will he accompany them, perhaps unaware that his new wife's tribe will require him to undergo the same dangerous trial-by-change plague before his wedding day?
  • A woman of the characters' acquaintance has been carried off by bride-hunters and her family is raising a posse to go after them. Naturally, the characters are asked to go along and help rescue the lady.
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