Blackspring Community

Blackspring is a settlement in the patchy scrub-land north of the Deadpool. The area's good for herds of wild hoss, and the stations thereabouts supplement their income from agriculture by cutting out scrubs from the herds and proving them up for sale at the Hoss-Meet held each spring. The growing communities of the Iron Brotherhood are in need of working animals and buyers come out to the plains to buy up herds of cheap hoss, so there's a fair amount of money floating around Blackspring these days.

Blackspring is run by a Rancher's Committee, which is dominated these days by a recent arrival named Harcomb. This sport bully came into the Blackspring territory from the Fracture Zone only seven years ago and seized a rundown property that he's proceeded to make into a wealthy holding. His posse of adherents is an even rougher crew than most in the territory, and they're fearsome to outsiders.

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