Black Carlos

A bandit leader in the southwest regions of the Dust Lands, this changeling human has a reputation as a canny war-leader and a brutal master. His warband, a crack force of well-armed veterans, operates out of a stronghold hidden in the hilly fringe of the Fracture Zone. He preys upon the picker camps on the margin and on the far-flung planter and ranch stations of the Dune Sea. He has an on-going war with some of the Dustwalker bands in the region, siding with the settlers against them.

It should be said in his defense that Black Carlos keeps other forces out of "his" territory, and hunts dangerous beasts that are troubling "his people". His band also acts as a sort of travelling court of justice, adjudicating disputes between settlers, even if his idea of justice is fairly rough. One of his closest advisors is a Baseliner exile named Hardy Pickems, a sage who keeps records of the group's deeds and the judgements handed down by his master.

Carlos is said to have a dozen children by a dozen different females of different species, each more clever and dangerous than the last. Whether the rumor is true or not, he's got little use for radical Purists, including Baseliner fanatics.

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