From "Baseline Standard Human".

The term refers to human populations who underwent genetic inoculation against the effects of the Prometheus Virus during or shortly after Kingdom Come. Sages explain that the ancestors of today’s Baseliners installed a “check-sum” function into their genetic structure, which scans for changes and ruthlessly corrects any deviations from the expected template. This may explain why most Baseliners tend to look similar to one another – the 'classic' type has a lean build, sharp features, dark hair and dark eyes. The Baseliner inoculation doesn’t always breed true, even within endogamous enclaves, which explains the development of the Black Hat Lodge and similar medicine society groups.

A Baseliner who becomes infected with a change plague may die of the disease, but he'll never mutate. As a result, Baseliner populations tend to have more successful births than do other communities.

Some human Purists consider the Baseliner modification a form of mutation, making Baseliners themselves just another form of changeling in their eyes.

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