Albie Drift

Albie Drift is a valley to the north that enjoys a relatively benign local climate. Protected from the worst of the dust storms that cross the Dust Lands periodically and near to sources of accessible sub-surface water, the Drift supports a half-dozen small farming communities and a wider halo of herding bands. These groups make up the Albie Drift Grange, the farmer's cooperative society that took root here soon after Kingdom Come and forms the basis for the local government. The groups administer their holdings through an elected Council that selects a Speaker once every three years, making the Drift one of the few places in the Dust Lands where representative democracy is still practiced above the tribal level. Life is fairly good in the Drift, though they have all the troubles that come along with a valuable piece of land - the wild herds encroach on their grazing areas and driving them off or hunting them brings their herders into conflict with the Dustwalker tribes that follow the herds, and the Iron Brotherhood has holdings that are too near for comfort. To this end, the Drift maintains a small regular military force of marshalls and every adult trains with a militia unit every season.

The population of the Drift is well-mixed; human and animal changelings make up almost half the population, and a rare plant changeling, a sapient tree known as the Oak Sage, holds a permanent seat on the Council. The current Speaker for the Grange is Humber Matheson, a human farmer whose family has been in the valley for generations. The Grange Marshall is a scarred and fearsome female changeling named Red Cora, who was swept into Grove on the spring storm-winds ten years ago and gave up her wandering ways to become a pillar of the community.

Grove, the "capitol" of the Grange, is the only community in the Drift worthy of the name "town". The Council House stands in the center of the town near the wells and close by the sheltered dell where the Oak Sage spends most of its time. Travelers and traders are naturally drawn to Grove, as the largest concentration of folk in the area.

Wellspring, at the northern end of the Drift, is famed for the excellent hoss they breed.

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